Optimum | Tangible Hydra-PEG

Optimum | Tangible Hydra-PEGTM and contact lens comfort – taking it to the next level

Tangible Hydra-PEGTM is an advanced contact lens coating technology that encapsulates Contamac’s Optimum GP material in an ultra-thin layer of PEG-based polymer. The result is called Optimum | Tangible Hydra-PEGTM.

The Tangible Hydra-PEGTM coating creates a highly wettable and lubricious surface, with increased surface water retention due to the polyethylene glycol-based polymer’s high water content (90%) and resistance to protein and lipid deposits that reduce friction between eyelid and contact lens. It is therefore particularly suited to contact lens wearers who suffer discomfort as a result of various physiological conditions, such as dry eye.

Officially launched at the Global Specialty Lens Symposium in January 2017, Tangible Hydra-PEGTM is now available as an FDA-approved option on Optimum Comfort (Dk 65), Extra (Dk 100), and Extreme (Dk 125).

Optimum | Tangible Hydra-PEGTM is the result of a two-year collaboration between Contamac and Tangible Science (formerly Ocular Dynamics), of San Francisco Bay, California. During clinical evaluations, both companies witnessed the positive impact they could have on patients’ lives, and recognised a growing excitement within the industry for this innovative new lens coating.

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How it works


Your eyes are kept wet by tears circulating beneath a lipid layer. Regular contact lenses can disrupt this natural lipid layer, causing dryness, irritation, and lens fogging due to protein build-up. Optimum | Tangible Hydra-PEGTM lenses can prevent these issues in a simple and effective way. The cushion of tears above the eye is there because of a tear-friendly layer of mucin on the cornea. Tangible Hydra-PEGTM recreates this mucin-like surface on the lens material itself. The coated lens is tear-friendly, like the naturally occurring mucin layer, buoyed by tears on both sides. This seamless integration of the lens with the tear film maintains the lipid layer, so the eye is protected against dryness and the lens is protected against protein build-up.

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