In response to customer demand, Contamac offers an extensive range of manufacturing consumables and accessories to the industry, that are associated with lens manufacturing and after care.

Lens Manufacturing Consumables

All your manufacturing needs have been addressed through a complete range of products designed to help with all aspects of lens manufacture.


The high quality Contapol polishing compounds have been specially formulated for soft or GP lens manufacturing. The Contapol range has been designed to ensure it imparts excellent surface finish to all lens designs and a range of polishing cloths, cups and sponges are also available. So combine Contapol polish and accessories for the complete polishing solution and excellent results. 


High (Hydrophilic) and low (GP) melt waxes available from Contamac are designed to give the manufacturer the best of both worlds. Ideal bonding for machining, but easy to de block without damaging the lens surface once manufactured.

For GP materials, Contasolve, a de blocking solution, has been formulated for dissolving the blocking wax from GP lenses.


A range of packaging and lens handling products associated with lens management and after care are available.

A large range of packaging options for soft and GP contact lenses are available through Contamac. Glass vials manufactured from the purest clear glass, flip tear aluminium crimp top seals and pure silicone bungs, are just some of the options that make up the ideal soft contact lens packaging system.

For GP lenses a range of well designed high quality storage cases, that feature tamper evident seals, different coloured lids and plastic claws, ensure that your finished lenses will be stored at the highest level. Traditional flat pack double mailers are also available, complementing the range of accessories for GP lenses.

Optimum Fitting Lens Case:

To complement the Optimum range of materials, Contamac has launched a unique tamper evident GP packaging system, specifically designed for fitting sets or dispensing inventory systems. The Optimum lens case is proven to offer the specialist laboratory new opportunities in planned replacement programmes. The leak proof packaging is ideal for wet shipping, and the tamper evident seal ensures the lab can effectively implement replacement lens programmes and the practitioner can easily identify dispensed lenses.

Lens Handling:

High quality pure rubber suckers and tweezers are available from Contamac. These accessories are ideally suited to aid handling and prevent lens damage.

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